Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time Warp

I think it is appropriate to talk about time on 12-12-12. None of us will ever see the "repetitive dates" again in our lifetime, and our children might if they grow to a ripe old age. You know how time seems to go faster as you grow older? When you were in elementary school, the school year seem to last F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but  now that you are a parent, your children's years seem to fly by? Especially that first one. My baby will be one on Saturday, and I am amazed at how quickly that went by.

Is anyone else stuck in a time warp some days? When you look at your calendar and think, middle of December, how could that be? Wasn't it September just last week? And the holidays seem to especially fly by. So many cute crafts and yummy treats, and only 19 days until the New Year!

I really try not to cram too much into my holiday season so I can try and enjoy the little things with my kiddos, but for some reason, my house refuses to stay clean during December. I have a super fantastic husband who really helps me out on his days off, but yesterday I was sorting laundry and feeling a little frustrated because, seriously, I just washed these clothes two days ago! And then I realized that it was more like eight days ago. Where did those eight days go? I just did this! I usually feel the same way when I realize that I need to mop my floors because it has indeed been three weeks instead of four days since I lasted mopped.

Sometimes when I watch Dr. Who, my brain hurts thinking about  time travel and its various implications.

What kind of things make your days all blur together? What month should it actually be on your internal calendar?


  1. I hear ya Chelsea! My days all blur together because of driving Mr. E to and from school everyday. Once your oldest starts kindergarten, you're thinking you'll have all this free time and your days will be longer but they actually get shorter and your time is GONE because you JUST dropped him off at school but now its 3 and you're picking him up. Where did that 8 hours go?! AH! And his first school year seemed to slowly drag by but now he's in first and we're almost halfway through it, what?!

    Time stinks, I say we veto it. ; )

  2. I feel the same way about cleaning. But then I was reading Little House on the Prarie (nerd alert) the other day and they literally spent ALL DAY LONG doing chores. Made me appreciate the fact that I really only have to spend an hour or two each day to keep things functioning.

  3. I have found that time seems to go faster the older I get. Why is that? I remember being in school and the year would just drag by until summer vacation...

  4. We are HUGE fans of the doctor over at my house! Love seeing him referenced ;)
    One thing that helps me...every night at bedtime we set the microwave timer for 5-7 minutes and speed clean the greatroom/kitchen. Teens to tots. everyone helps. The kids are faster at cleaning now than when we started. They are a bit more aware of making messes....and it really helps me stay on top of the cleaning. Oh, Mom gets a pass on the "cleaning storm". I literally put my feet up and watch. Dad cleans and also calls people to task. Best 5 minute idea ever!
    you're welcome!
    ♡ Jill