Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin!

Today, December 1st = Christmas Tree Day!!

Yes, I realize a lot of people have already put up their Christmas tree and that the celebrations are well and truly underway. Sadly, you all have bad luck. Ok, not really. But here, in Australia, it is somewhat of a tradition to put up the tree December 1 and then take it down January 1. So following tradition, my husband and I anxiously waited until today to put up our tree.
Having a child that wakes before 6am every day (in fact, 5:30am is a sleep in these days… lucky me), we were able to have our tree up and beautiful before 9am. Go team! And I am so excited! And it’s weird because I’m not usually this excited about Christmas. Obviously I love the Christmas message, but it’s all the fuss and festivities. I’m usually a little blaze’. But this year, I’m like a kid at…. well… Christmas!
Our house is decorated, we’ve had carols playing all day, we went to a Carols by Candelight concert, and we’ve started reading the Christmas story with our little boy. Ahhh, Christmas. Why didn’t I fall in love with you sooner?
Now I’m looking to start some new family traditions with my little family. My Last year (with our then 11 month old) we began a few traditions. We decided to do a Christmas nativity story that goes for the four weeks leading up to Christmas. That idea was from my friend Bobbie – she posted it on her blog this year so check it out if you want details. And, we also decided we’d buy or make one new Christmas tree ornament each year that represents each family member. So my little boy might get a bike or a shoe or something else that represents things he loves. Then, in five or ten years we’ll have a very personalized tree with lots of family memories. I think it’ll be great!
We have other traditions about food and family visits, but we are on the lookout for other lovely, different ideas. So if you have some, share! We are all always looking for new ways to make Christmas special.

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  1. I love Christmas, and traditions truly make it what it is, I mean besides the Savior, of course.