Wednesday, December 5, 2012

$ay Chee$e

Perhaps this post stems from the frustration of trying to find a good, reasonably-priced family photographer, but I'm about ready to give up the search and setup the tripod.  Here are the recurring themes I've found:

Maybe this is just a Utah thing, but the selection of photographers is overwhelming!  I don't know how many Facebook status updates I see that are inviting friends to "Like" their new photography page.  Or my other favorite scenario, the status update where someone is selling their point and shoot camera because they just upgraded to a Nikon or Canon that cost as much as the average mortgage payment.  Who do you choose when there are so many options?

I have a hard time with this one.  I am willing to pay for really good pictures and I do understand the value of a photographer's time, but when they start to bill like an attorney, I draw the line.  $500/hr sounds a little crazy to me, but then they offer a 30 minute "mini session" for $295.  Am I the cheap one here?  Is that really rhe going rate for pictures?

Will I date stamp myself in 10 years if I go with a trendy location like a backdrop that looks like scrapbook paper?  What about the classic photo walking down the train tracks?  I would have to say my recent favorite location is the wheat field with retro-inspired couch or armchair in the middle of it.  What will I still like in 10 years that won't end up on an awkward family photos website?

I want the finished product to look like me.  I don't want the editing process to give me neon colored eyes or candy-colored lips and cheeks.  My ideal photographer should feel free to play with lighting and cropping, but I still want to appear human.

Please feel free to offer me some reassurance and/or advice!  Maybe this is why so many people are now photographers themselves.


  1. Not just a Utah thing. We have the same problem here in Brisbane - however because there's always lots of people just starting out there are plenty of cheaper less experienced ones... But the good, experienced ones can set you back a cool grand!

  2. I think the "cheapest" option overall is to buy a decent camera, and take photography lessons. Yeah, you might shell out a few bucks off the bat, but think of how many $500 sitting fees you'll save over the years.

  3. Ugh! I'm with you. I just had my kid's picture taken and it was almost as painful as finding a photographer. No. It was more painful. But they were both quite painful.

  4. We are selling our Canon Rebel for only $250 (originally $500) because my hubby wanted one with video. I was hesitant at first to buy such a pricey camera but it has been such a good investment! Learning through youtube videos, my husband definitely creates professional pictures and we never stress about who to hire to take our family pictures. If you learn the basics, buying the camera is a good option and can be pretty cheap if you buy it second hand!

    Cheap photographers are basically like you and me with a fancy camera (nice quality but lack the creativity and expertise). Expensive photograghers will give you better quality and have the creative eye, but that is why they are so expensive!

    Good luck!