Thursday, November 1, 2012

Too Early?

Halloween is over, although today must of us are probably suffering from the side-effects of that sweet holiday. Today is November 1st. Which begs the question, when is too early to put up your Christmas tree and other decorations? 

Personally, I can't do it until after Thanksgiving, or early December. I run out of Christmas spirit if I put up the tree too early. And, last year I had just gotten my son really trained to stay out of the tree, and then wouldn't you know it, I had a baby. And she likes to climb. So this year I will probably put the tree up later then usual, in order to minimize the number of times I have to untangle her from the branches. 

But, I know people who are just oozing with Christmas spirit already and are just itchin' to dig out those decorations. If you are one of these people, how do you not get tired of it by the time Christmas comes around? How do you keep your children out of the decorations? How do you refrain from eating candy canes for two months? 

You know we have had Christmas stuff in the stores for months now (I have been trying to look the other way), and since we are officially in November now, I expect this onslaught to triple, at least. I'm SO glad my four-year old hasn't figured out how to beg for Christmas toys yet!



  1. I am one of those people. I'm definitely itching, but I'll wait until after Thanksgiving. I think it's better to use up all your Christmas spirit than to feel like the holiday passed by and you didn't even notice. As for the kid problem, that's a new one for me...

  2. I think the day or the week after Thanksgiving is a perfect time to set up for Christmas! After all, we do have Thanksgiving to celebrate before Christmas. ; ) Travis never tried to climb the tree but last year, he decided ripping the ornaments off and chucking them across the room was appropriate behavior. Maybe I'll do a tree with just lights this year? Great post!

  3. After Thanksgiving for sure. Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday that needs it's time in the spotlight, too. Having said that, I've already gone through my netflix account and added all the Christmas movies I can, and my daughter has already looked up the schedule for the 24 Days of Christmas movie schedule. I love Christmas movies...

  4. Halloween and Christmas are fun and wonderful in their own ways, but Thanksgiving warms my heart like nothing else, so I say give it it's due. (Atlthough I listen to Christmas Music the day after Halloween!)