Monday, November 19, 2012

Secret Recipe

Do you have a signature dish?  Or how about a one of a kind dessert?  As Thanksgiving approaches, I've been adding those special items to my shopping list.  In my family it seems like every year, each family has their side dish they always bring.  My sister in law does the mashed potatoes, I do the green bean casserole and my other sister in law does the rolls.

Come holiday or renuion time, everyone is known by their food item they bring.  It's always Aunt Melanie's salad or Grandma's reunion baked beans.  Everyone has also seemed more than willing to share the recipes to their signature items too. 

What I found interesting was a family friend who doesn't share recipes.  She has claim to them and prides herself on making scrumptious treats and not sharing the secret.  There was even one instance where she did give it out, but left out one key ingredient.  When I told her I tried her recipe but it just didn't taste like hers, she replied that she does a few extra things.  I never understood what the big deal was about sharing recipes until it happened to my husband.

My husband loves grilling and makes some wonderful baby back ribs.  My in-laws called and said they told their neighbors all about the ribs (the neighbors have never tried them) and now they want the recipe to use for their family reunion!  We reculantly gave it to them, but somehow it seems less unique now that so many people know how to make them.

What are your thoughts on sharing recipes?  Do you have a signature dish?

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  1. We have a signature Sour Cream Apple Pie. I don't know how rare the recipe is, but my mom always said, "Don't give anyone else the recipe..."