Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Ho Hos this Season

You may have already heard the terrible news, but if not, brace yourself--

Hostess is closing up shop.

No more twinkies, ho-hos, wonderbread and the likes.

I'm tempted to be sarcastic here and lament about how my children will never get to taste them, but I actually do feel a tid bit sad. When I was a kid my mom would buy ho-hos every once-in-a-while and store them garage freezer for a "special treat."

Food is so deeply engrained in our culture, self-identity, and memories. I feel like the loss of the ho-ho is like losing a piece of my childhood and mother I'll never get to relive.

Look at me go on, I'm waxing poetic about lard cakes. It must be the time of year. 

Then again, who are we kidding, these brands are way too popular not to be sold and live on for our children to enjoy. Nutritious and delicious....


  1. I had come to grips with the closing of Hostess until I realized they make the powdered, raspberry-filled donuts.

  2. I ran out to get myself some chocolate donut gems. Those were my go to travel junk food.