Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Cast of Female TV All-Stars

I'm hoping that I don't need to put this disclaimer on the top of this post. I have now written 100+ posts on this blog, so hopefully the faithful of you out there know that what I say here is mainly to be taken in the "not serious" vein. But just in case:

The following list of women are not women that I know or admire in real life. They are not my real examples of what a woman should be. None of them will make it into my life history (it'd be a darn sad life history if they did). This list is just for fun.

Now that that's out of the way, I have compiled a list of 5 celebrity ladies whom I strive to be like in one way or another. Pretty sure that if you combined each of their specialized skills, you'd have one perfect human being...pretty sure.

1. Ina Garten

Oh, Ina. I long to have her culinary skills and to have her make me a brunch at her beautiful cottage in the Hamptons. There has never been a recipe of hers that I've tried that I haven't loved. Mainly because of her courage. I once saw her put in 5 STICKS OF BUTTER to frost one sheet cake. My jaw hit the floor at that point. That's courage, my friends. Ina's not afraid to be bold like that. She knows what's necessary to make the mouth water.

2. Sarah Richardson

I don't know why, but I recently began watching old episodes of Sarah's House (or "Hewse" as Canadian Sarah would say) on and my goodness! She's good. Impossibly good. And yes, I know that Sarah has an entire crew to help her out, but the transformations of her renovations are fantastic. Special shout out to her assistant Tommy whom I'd shop with in a heartbeat.

3. Michelle Duggar

It's a crime of fashion to have Michelle Duggar and Stacy London on the same list, but check out the makeover of Mama Duggar! An improvement, I'd say. I just don't know how Michelle Duggar is so patient and positive with all those kids. Is she ever flustered? And how is it possible that all those kids are so positive and helpful all the time. It's remarkable. And if we were to remove all make-up from all people, I think we'd all be impressed that Michelle Duggar is as wrinkle free as she is.

4. Kelly Ripa

Of all people on my list, I think that Kelly would most likely be the biggest disappointment, but by darn, who doesn't want her at a Girl's Night Out? The girl can talk. Plus she's very fit. I'd much rather she be my trainer than Jillian Michaels who would likely just yell at me. Not only this, but Kelly is holding out on the flat chest in a world of busty celebrities, so I commend her for that.

5. Stacy London

I just love What Not To Wear, and while I couldn't put Clinton on this list (they are best as a team), I will happily add Stacy. There have been a number of times while shopping that I am tempted by something trendy or slightly too young when I have said to myself, "What would Stacy say?" These thoughts have saved me. I will happily stick to classics and try to look my age because of her wisdom.

So who do you think I missed?


  1. Besides Ina, whom I've never heard of, I think you've put together a great list. I'm a big fan of these women.

    1. You should know Ina!! That garlic mistake would never happen under her watch!

  2. I love Kelly Rippa...Just Sayin'

  3. Interesting list . . . my list would be quite similar!

  4. How hilarious that the Australian over here has never heard of any of those women. I'm sure they're all wonderful :)

  5. I'd totally put Mama Duggar on my list. She is one even keel lady. I don't know how she does it.