Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie Review: Batman The Dark Knight Rises

We haven't done a movie review around here in a while so I'll be doing one on the last movie I saw which was Batman The Dark Knight Rises. 
I realize this came out in July-ish but I didn't get around to seeing it until a few weeks ago.  We don't get out much.  And when we do we're usually seeing movies such as Madagascar 4 (should have stopped way before they got to 4) and Ice Age 4 (again, should have stopped before they got to 4).

Acting: 9.5
I usually give people high scores for acting because I can't act and I'm really proud of people who can.  Unless the actor is Nicholas Cage.  Ugh.  He's the worst actor alive.  That's mean of me to say, but he looks exactly the same whether he's happy, sad, scared, asleep, driving, eating, fishing, hiking a mountain, you catch my drift.
Attractiveness of Actors: 9
Is our society shallow for caring about what people look like?  Maybe.  But come one, we're not blind people.  If someone is attractive we're going to notice.
Anne Hathaway's Acting: 5
Here I go being mean again, but there's something about Anne's acting that gets under my skin.  So actually, I'm being nice by giving her a 5.
Scariness: 10
These movies have come a long way since Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson graced the silver screen. 
I mean this new Batman series is SCARY. Of course I'm easily scared so you can take or leave my opinion.
LENGTHY SIDE NOTE: While I was at the theatre I sat next to this man who was there alone.  About halfway through he was acting very unstable (read: fidgety).  I started thinking to myself that he was probably getting nervous because he was about to do something.  And of course that something was probably pulling out a gun and shooting people (me, specifically because I was right next to him).  And then I remembered that the movie theatre shooting in Colorado was during this exact movie.  Oh great, I thought, I'm sitting next to a copy cat.  Then the alarming behavior really started to happen.  He kept reaching into his pockets.  Every time he did I thought it was to grab a hand gun but usually it was for candy or to look at his cell phone.  Happily the movie ended without any incident.  As I told my husband this story on the way home he said, "Why didn't you tell me? I would have switched seats with you."  I replied, "What was I supposed to say?  Honey, I think this man is going to shoot me.  Will you switch seats with me so he'll shoot you instead?"  The point is the movie was scary so I had a general scared feeling.  I never felt my life threatened during a chick flick.  I know my thought processes are abnormal.  I'm getting help for it.  No I'm not.
Times that night when I thought Bane (villain) was going to break into my house and take my children: 3
Times I wished Christian Bale (Batman) would have broken into a song from Newsies: 500

Newsies...what a great movie.

In the end I suggest you see this movie.  Although not in theatres because I'm pretty sure it's gone.  But rent it.  And while you're at it, pick up a copy of Newsies too.


  1. Maybe the guy had to pee really bad. I saw this movie and loved it. I'm not particularly fond of "dark" movies, but this was was awesome.

  2. I saw this movie recently too. I loved it. I thought it was less scary than the others in the series which is good because I try and get all the sleep I can at night.