Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lucky Gift Card

Let me tell you how it all began.  It was late in the afternoon on a Saturday in the dead of summer and I had a terrible cold and a gift card to Barnes & Noble. After being cooped up for days, I figured a new  book could keep me from going crazy.  After perusing for an entertaining easy read, the clerk suggested Twilight.  That's right, I was hesitant but here comes the bandwagon. 

  I only purchased the first book even though all 4 were out.  Sure enough, it was an entertaining easy read that I got through in 2 days.  With the remainder of the gift card I purchased books 2, 3 and 4.  In about 3 months time I had made it through the series.  At this point, I would say that yes, I read the books but was not going to name my firstborn Edward, Bella or Jacob.  Fast forward a year and here comes the movie.

Here's where it starts to appear that I am a TwiHard fan.  Husband's employer offers advanced screening tickets, so guess who's there? Me.  A year later New Moon comes out and once again offered advanced screening tickets.  We make it a group event and go with friends and the girls wear "Team Jacob" shirts.  Year 3, Eclipse is released and more early tickets.  Breaking Dawn Part 1... No advanced screening tickets.  But wait, the day of the early screening a friend calls and guess what!? More early tickets. 

At this point I'm still standing by my guns.  Although I have read all the books and have seen all the movies the day before the actual release date, I'm not an obsessed super fan.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out next Friday and the husband just came home with movie tickets for Thursday night.  Still not an obsessed TwiHard and will not be wearing my Team Jacob shirt.  I think I will attribute all this "luck" of advanced screening movie tickets to having purchased the book with a gift card. 

Who will be there with me Thursday night to witness the end of the saga on the big screen?


  1. I was on bed rest with Travis for a week and a half and was bored out of my mind. A kind friend dropped off a few magazines and the whole serious. Guess who read those puppies in a week? Yep. I'm not a twi-hard but I have read the series and have seen all but the first movie in the theater so far. It's just fun. I had no idea you picked up on this trend Chelsea, even if it is just a little bit. Enjoy your early screening!! : )

  2. These are fun books, but I will not be there. I value my sleep too much. Plus, the last book was my least favorite so I'm not even motivated to see the movie. As team Jacob I just feel so betrayed ;)