Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feeling Grinchy

I realized today that I have been feeling a little "grinchy" and not much in the holiday spirit. And I was feeling bad about this. And then I realized . . . IT ISN'T EVEN THANKSGIVING YET! 

Why am I feeling bad about not getting out my holiday decorations or doing Christmas crafts with my son when Christmas is still 39 days away! (Are you the type who says "still" or "only"?) I'll tell you why:

1) Two local radio stations already switched over to full-time Christmas music this week. Like on Monday. That's a full 11 days earlier than they started last year. Including my go-to 80s rock station that I rely on for motivation while I clean.

2) I have tried listening to said Christmas music while cleaning or sewing, but honestly, it feels too early. And with the warm weather and lack of snow, the music seems out of place. 

3) Several of my friends on FB (or their friends) have posted pictures of their Christmas trees up and decorated. Or their family picture for the Christmas card. And somehow I feel like I am behind!

4) Probably 90% of my Pinterest home page consists of Christmas ideas, specifically advent calendar ideas and elf on the shelf ideas.

I love Christmas. I really do. But it seems like people enjoy everything associated with Christmas so much that they need to stretch it out as long as possible. And this year it seems to be encroaching on my November earlier than usual.

Anybody else feeling grinchy with me? Or am I alone on Mt. Crumpit?


  1. I try not to let Christmas encroach on my Thanksgiving. Then after Thanksgiving all bets are off. I'm trying this year to actually pare Christmas down. We are trying to take a more minimalist approach to the season so our focus is more on Christ. I'm looking for ideas over on my blog...I'd love some suggestions.

  2. I'm making a few things that will decorate our house for Christmas only because they're things like a felt Christmas tree and ornaments that I want Samantha to be able to play with throughout the month and it takes a long time to make everything. :) Other than that and looking online for Christmas present ideas (Black Friday deals if I can find 'em), I'm only doing Thanksgiving. We made a Thanksgiving craft last week and I put it up this week. No Christmas music, no Christmas crafts to put up before Thanksgiving, no wrapping of presents or putting up the tree. :)