Friday, November 16, 2012

Cleaning Mantras to Live By

I'm already feeling "holiday stressed," which is a bit early for me. This feeling typically comes after Thanksgiving, but this year, it's now. Whenever I have any sort of additional stress, (illness, throwing a party, first term pregnancy, holidays, newborn, talk in church, big project, vacation etc.) the cleaning of the house is the first thing to go. This kinda drives me nuts, because we all know that cleaning snowballs. I know that "cleaning can always be done later" (my newborn mantra), but I really really really hate putting it off. Nonetheless, sometimes it must be done. So for any of you looking to put off some cleaning in lieu of holiday fun (or holiday non-fun), I have a few mantras. I have had to repeat these to myself at different points in my life. Use one or all of these whenever you need them.

"As long as my house is within 2 hours (sometimes I've had to change this to 3) of being party ready, I'm okay with it"

"Spotless homes are for retirees"

"Don't shoot for spotless, shoot for sanitary"

"Just keep up with dishes and laundry. The rest I'll do when (insert event) is over"

"I don't care when others' homes aren't spotless, so why would anyone care about mine"

And finally

"Do your best and forget the rest"

Those of you who did attempted P90X like me, will appreciate that last one. Thanks Tony.



  1. I totally need those mantras this week! I feel like I have been cleaning and cleaning, and not catching up!

  2. For company, I just need a clean toilet and the house tidy. I try to keep it like that all the time in case of stop bys. Just don't look at the stairs! That is where I stack everything my kids leave downstairs. The thought is when they pass it they will carry it up, but never happens.