Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday Funny

I had never experienced Black Friday shopping until I got married and went with my sisters-in-law.  Now it's more of a tradition to go with them rather than being there for the doorbuster sales.  This year, after much coaxing, two of the husbands tagged along.  Each of us got our marching orders of which tightly saran-wrapped pallette to stand by until the designated hour.  The ringleader's approach this year was to divide and conquer (and it ended up working, she is nearly done shopping).

Maybe it was the food hangover, but as luck would have it, I was assigned the Wii game and my husband was assigned the kids pajamas.  Not knowing what character they were, he referred to them as the pink pajamas.  When 8pm rolled around he grabbed the PJ's and heard someone behind him ask if there was a 6/7 Monster High.  He started looking through the pink pajama pallette and said there were 6/7's but no Monster High. 

The confused person asking for the help, said "It's the pink pajamas!"  Come to find out, my husband thought that Monster High was part of the size, not the characters.  We laughed for the rest of the night thinking he was frantically looking for plus-size children's pajamas.  If we go Black Friday shopping next year, hopefully our assignment will be something that the couple without kids can easily identify.

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  1. Is your husband blond by chance? Just wondering...