Monday, November 26, 2012

Babee Namz

I have had quite a few friends and family members give birth to beautiful new babies in the past few weeks. Thankfully, all were given normal, average names, spelled the way you would expect. But I did giggle when I came across this video. Now, even though this video specifically makes fun of Utahns, I think the"unique baby name" phenomenon in nationwide. I live in a rather diverse area, and my husband does some substitute teaching, and every now and again he brings home a list of names that are definitely unique. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Iamunique
2. Princess Leia
3. Predestine (pronounced Pre-di-STINE)
4 LaWasha and LaDrya (twins)
5. Verily

I wonder how these people feel about their "unique" name? Do they feel unique, special, one-of-a-kind? Or is it a life-long struggle to help people correctly pronounce and spell their name? I have a hard enough time getting people to pronounce Chelsea right, and I think that's a pretty common name. I chose names for my children that were not in the top 10, but not far left either. And I didn't throw in a silent q.

Do you have a unique name? Do you like it or hate it?


  1. There are definitely some strange baby names. I mean, what the heck are people thinking! When I was in high school, I wished my name was something more special...Lisa is pretty basic. I thought if I could just change the spelling to Leesa or Lysa, then I would be different and unique. Never happened, and I am just me.

  2. oh no is it bad to like some of these names? I've been here too long...

  3. Ha. My sister heard someone calling for their twins one day. The names? Max & Ruby
    Just like the cartoon. :)