Monday, October 1, 2012

When A Blonde Does Laundry

Laundry is not one of my favorite chores, but one I insist on doing since I am so particular about it.  I have a system down with what is ok for the dryer, what must be line dried and items for the dry cleaner.  By this point in our marriage, my husband knows that if he does laundry to just line dry any and all of my clothes in that load.  We learned the hard way with too many shrunken sweaters and tangled bras.  So here's where the blonde aspect comes in:

He drops an avocado sandwich down his brand new beloved Dodgers jersey.  He hurries and slips it off to sponge out the slimy green and we spot treat it with Shout.  An hour later when the current load is done and a new one is ready to go in I ask if he wants the jersey in the washer.  He says "I don't know, what does it say?"  I hold it up and say "Dodgers" like how could we forget the incident that happened an hour ago?

Now me being slightly blonde thought he was talking about the jersey, not reading the tag for use and care.  Either I've taught him well  to ready the labels and the difference between wash and dry clean, or I'm not the landury guru I think I am.  On the bright side, Dodgers jerseys are safe in the washer and a cool iron when needed.

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