Monday, October 8, 2012

Snake-Skin-Induced Shopping Anxiety

Hi all! I'm Chelsea H., and this is my very first post for PST. I am very excited to join this hilarious group and contribute something witty, hopefully. Go check out my bio!

I recently went clothes shopping for my birthday, and if I were the kind of person who broke out in hives, I would have come home plastered in the itchy things. Besides picking up a piece here or there, my birthday is the only time of year that I really go to the store for a few precious hours, all alone, to shop just for me. (Even then I get distracted by the cute kids clothes, and I have to remind myself that I am spending MY birthday money.) So why, when most women crave time to shop for themselves, would this experience cause me such anxiety? Because of the following:

1) I am super cheap. Not only am I on a tight budget, but I like to get the most for my money. Literally, I like to see how many pieces of clothing I can walk out the store with for the smallest amount of money. (Thank you Kohl's!) For this reason, I enjoy going to the store alone so I can dig through every single clearance rack to make sure I am not missing a great deal.

2) Dressing rooms. I know all women hate dressing rooms, and I always forget why until I am there. Currently, I don't have a single full-length mirror in my entire house, and I always tell myself I want to get one for my room . . . until I return to the department store dressing room. Really, they should just have a little bowl of Prozac sitting on the counter when you walk out. I'm pretty sure Jillian Michaels hates the way she looks in a dressing room mirror.

3) Have you seen what is hanging on the racks these days? I have never been really current with fashion, but I am almost ready to flee to Amish country. I am having a very difficult time embracing skinny jeans. And just when I was ready to give them a try, they start making them in neon. And leopard print. And neon leopard print. Today, I saw a pair of girl's jean that were metallic, bedazzled, neon pink, snake skin print, WITH a zipper up the leg. I wept for my baby girl.

The actual pants I saw. You can buy them here.

So despite the odds being against me, I did succeed in finding a few articles for my fall wardrobe. I even found a couple of skinny jeans to try out (in regular denim colors), although I do need to find some new "hip" shoes to go with them, because I don't think my New Balance tennis shoes are going to cut it. 


  1. Styles are a little scary! Particularly those pants! Holy what the heck? (I love Kohl's for the clearance racks...It's even better when you have a 30% off coupon you can use, too.)

  2. Yeah, those are making the "what were we thinking" style list of 2020 for sure. We all remember hammer pants, right?

  3. Lol nice post Chelsea!! Lindsay I totally agree!

  4. Welcome Chelsea! I'm all for the complimentary Prozac at the dressing room :)