Thursday, October 4, 2012

Selective Memory

You know how about 6 months or a year after a vacation you only remember the highlights?  If you think about it really hard you can recall being lost for 3 hours, the stomach bug that had you in the bathroom for an entire day, or getting swindled at a souvenir shop, but generally you look back on the experience with fondness.  Am I right?  I'm right.

The same thing often happens when thinking about your childhood, high school, your first job, giving birth, etc.  Well guess what, folks?  It can also happen when you look back on changing diapers.  It's true.  Here's how I know:  The other day I was at Costco buying 2 ginormous boxes of diapers.  A kindly, elderly lady in front of me at the checkout said something to the effect of "looks like you're busy."
Me: Yeah (I know, my conversational skills are astounding)
Elderly lady (henceforth known as EL): When my children were little we didn't have disposable diapers, only cloth.
Me: Wow! That must have been a lot of work.
EL: It was but I loved every second of it!
Me: (What I was thinking - "Oh, come on!" What I said, 'cuz I'm nice) Really? (said nicely, not sarcastically).
EL: I loved washing them, I loved hanging them out in the sunshine, I loved folding them up and putting them in their drawers...(at this point she is staring off into space longingly).
Me: (What I was thinking - "You mean to say you loved scrubbing baby poop out of them several times a day?  Did you like hanging them out to dry when it was 30 degrees outside? Are you trying to tell me you were humming and dancing around while you were putting your laundry away?"  What I said, 'cuz like we already established, I'm nice) That's wonderful but it seems like an awful lot of work!
EL: It wasn't so bad.  And plus we didn't fill up the landfills with diapers.


It's a good thing I know about selective memory or her account of cloth diapers might have had me putting my disposable ones back so I could switch over to cloth...not.


  1. Selective memory is how I keep getting pregnant. If I could just remember how much I hate contractions, I would've only had 1 kid.

  2. Selective memory is awesome! One of the best natural gifts we've been given if you ask me. Without it, we'd all have one child, Linz. She's not remembering it all...I'm sure.