Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh, how I love thee...

I think the LDS Church really kind of knows what they're doing with the whole General Conference thing...

I'm sure some might say it is our version of televangelism, but it's not.  I've never called a 1-800 number to offer a donation for my favorite Apostle.  Considering my demographic here, I figure I don't have to explain the purpose of General Conference and it's historical origins.  But, if you are unclear or don't know what General Conference is, please read up on it and it's purpose here.

With General Conference approaching this weekend, let me just say that it is definitely one of my two most favorite weekends of the year. What's the other you ask? Well, the second being, of course, Spring General Conference.

Oh, how I love thee, let me list the ways...
  1. Uplifting messages all weekend on TV (my apologies to those who do not live in an area where it can be televised to your home.  My advice?  MOVE)
  2. Delicious, lazy breakfast not made by me!  (Thanks to my sweet, loving, bacon frying hubby)
  3. No extra meetings.  (Yeehaw, time out for me!)
  4. Conference Notebooks.  Somehow I love the idea of creating and decorating my own unique book to jot down special messages from the Church leaders.  (My husband makes fun of my ancient technology as he types away on his nerdy iPad which, btw, he got for free 99!)
  5. Pajamas!  I can watch Church in my pajamas!   (If that doesn't sum it up for you as the best reason of all for loving General Conference weekend, then I couldn't sell you a bar of soap!)

What are your Conference plans this weekend?


  1. With you here! I couldn't love conference more. I also feel like it sort of kicks off the fall season and the spring season which are my two favorites. It also always reminds me how awesome our church is. No really, Mormons rock!