Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Office Linebacker

Becasue of my profession, I read about a hundred resumes a week.  For the most part, they are all about the same so when I get a unique one (and by unique I mean totally crazy), its a lot of fun.  How a basic resume and email class has escaped a Super Saturday workshop, or for that matter, a High School Career Prep class, we will never know.  So I have two very basic requests. 

First, create an age appropriate and might I add, work appropriate email.  It has become quite comical to reply to applicants when their email is something like

Along with the request for a big girl email is to please leave the naughty words out of it.  It makes it ever so awkward to respond to an email regarding a potential interview when there are four-letter words involved.

Second, don't try to be funny on the resume.  If you were a professional football player and highlight that on your resume, don't apply for a secretarial job and say you can tackle any problem you are faced with.  You catch on quickly.  You can handle extra tasks that are thrown at you.  This will only make me laugh until I cry and my imagination will be picturing a linebacker as a secretary.  Oh, and did I mention this is a true story?


  1. Maybe said linebacker should have gotten the job because he would have brought humor to the office. We need all the laughing we can get, you know.

  2. I particularly agree with the email name. Just use your name, people! If it's taken, add a number. Let's be adults.