Friday, October 26, 2012

Life's Greatest Frustration Now Solved!

Don't you hate losing the channel changer in the couch? It's terrible to have to actually get off the couch and change the channel manually.

I know! How about we make the channel changer part of the couch? Oh wait, someone beat me to it.

Buy now!

The idea looks great on paper, but honestly, how convenient will this be when you miss the proposal on the Bachelorette because you were sobbing into the remote and accidentally changed the channel. 

Not so nice then.

Plus it's not cute.

Back to the drawing board folks. Or hey, maybe Pinterest has a DIY solution for us!


  1. Great post! That made me laugh. Whenever I want a pen to stick around, I strap a huge spoon to it. Maybe if we start strapping our remotes to something like a golf club, they won't get lost all the time. Can't lose a golf club so easily in a couch, right??

  2. So strange. I like the bit about sobbing into the pillow during the Bachelorette. I can totally see you doing that.