Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Friday: My New Cause

Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Why do I love yet loathe this holiday?

I think A LOT of it has to do with my teaching days. I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you have to entertain 26 sugar-high six year olds at a 6 hour party. The party also includes a parade involving thousands of parents taking your picture (in whatever costume you didn't want to wear, and you're pregnant [that's just my scenario because it happened like that once]). Oh, and somehow at this party you are supposed to "get as much learning in as possible" because that's your job. (Hey Batman, do you know what's better than candy, trick or treating, costumes and parties?... Reading.)

Hellish, right? That's what Halloween feels like to teachers.

I'm not saying that Halloween is a cakewalk for moms either. I don't enjoy putting my kids in costumes (which may or may not require hair and makeup) for the 5 different events they can wear costumes to and hauling around to multiple parades (on the same day) only to take a picture of my kid in a costume I have already seen them in and is probably dirty or broken by now. And the candy! OH THE CANDY! I don't want to be the fuddy-dud who hands out rice cakes or fruit or makes their kids trade their candy for books (see the above...candy will always beat books in the eyes of kids...any kid who makes such a trade has been coerced), so I resort to the two treats per day rule for about one week because by that point the kids have had two treats per day and mom and dad have had 20 per day and thankfully, the good candy is gone.

It's all madness.

But we do it for the kids because really, there is no better day than Halloween when you're a kid. 

So, it was at event number one of last year (our ward trunk or treat in the metro DC area) that a fellow ward member who works on Capitol Hill gave me a glimmer of Halloween hope when she said:

"Do you know what some members of Congress were discussing today? They were talking officially changing the date of Halloween to the last Friday in October every year instead of having it the 31st."


If we can't change anything else about Halloween, we could at least make it on a Friday (the party day of the week)!!! Have you checked the calendar this year? That's right; Halloween is on a Wednesday. So now we all have to get up and do the daily grind for two days after as we all deal with our own sugar crash and the sugar crashes of our children. Wouldn't a weekend be better suited for that?

Politicians, pay attention!! Do you want my support this election? Do you need the support of moms or teachers? Get this done!

I should be kidding about being so passionate about this, but I'm only half kidding here. So if you're interested in starting a letter campaign with me, leave a comment. I'm going to need some testimonials in my letter that I can send to my congressman/woman (once I figure out who my congressman/woman is). And I suggest you do the same. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE!


  1. We don't "celebrate" Halloween at the school I work at so we don't have those "issues". But we usually have the day after issues. Sick, tired, sugar low...This year, they have conveniently times Parent/Teacher conferences with November 1st and 2nd. That is brilliance!

  2. I'm so sorry! I just can't support the change. I empathize, after all, I have 3 children, but I'm insane about celebrating holidays and birthdays and anniversary type events on the actual day! I don't mind an additional celebration for the convenience of friends or family, but it also has to happen on the date. And even though it is mainly a commercial holiday now, it has its basis on the celebration of the autumn harvest and of course, the day both the living and the dead roam the earth! If you change the date you take the "spooky" fun truth out of it. Therefore, I can't sign your petition. But I do enjoy your blog! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, YES YES YES! Change the day to a Friday! Honestly, what difference does it make whether it's on the 25th or the 31st. Who stinkin' cares?! I will DEFINITELY sign your petition. However, my agreement with you may be genetically related. We did grow up with a Halloween-hating mother. :0)