Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Can Be Healthy Too!

So, Halloween is not really an Australian thing. But, it is something Australians are starting to get into and enjoy. This year, my husband just happens to have the Halloween day off work so we've decided to have a tiny Halloween party, make Jack-O-Lanterns and pretend we care. Which we do (see, I'm already pretending so well).

Problem! We're both on health kicks. Halloween and health kicks are not friends. Naturally, I turned to my friend Google and after just a few minutes I found our saving grace. It's entitled 15 Halloween Healthy Snacks and ALL of them look wonderful... that is if you would like to gross your kids out in a healthier way. If you click on the link above and scroll through the pictures, all the recipes are there too. Here's some of my favourites.

Snack O Lantern

Apple Bites
Banana Ghosts
Pizza Mummies
Monster Mash Dip
Cheese Finger Food
My favourite - Melon Brain

It all looks so yummy, yet disgusting! Mmm.



  1. These are awesome! If I ever throw a Halloween party, I may just snag a few of these ideas! Great post. I hope you guys enjoy your healthy Halloween! : )

  2. This is perfect, I needed some ideas for an upcoming party!

  3. These are some great ideas! Coming up with treats like that would take a lot of creativity. Thank goodness for blogging and pinterest.