Thursday, October 25, 2012

From the Mouth of a Southern Belle

Earlier this month I got to check off another state on my list of states I have been to.   As an added bonus it was my first time actually visiting the South and not just on a layover.  I went to Alabama! And not just anywhere in Alabama, but I was near the city that Antoine Dodson made famous on You Tube for his "Hide your kids, hide your wife" news interview.
Everyone I met there was delightful and I just adore that southern drawl accent.  There were a few interesting phrases that were spoken in that fabulous accent that were new to me and I would like to share.  Maybe I should even toss some into the mix of my vocabulary.

Lost as a Goose - I heard this one a few times and wondered why choose a goose?  Of all the birds out there I think geese are quite smart and not directionally challenged.  They arrange themselves into that perfect V shape and they can and do fly hundreds of miles.  They know to fly South for winter.  I would probably use a phrase like lost as a magpie.

Summer Teeth - The person that said this didn't even wait for me to ask what summer teeth were, she offered up the example right away saying "some are here, some are there."  I could see myself using this one to describe a teething baby.

Don't Fluff It - The South's version of "don't sugar coat it" give it to me straight.

And last but not least..... (slightly PG-13)

Tall as a Whore - That's right, someone actually used that phrase as a compliment.  Nobody even blinked, except for me.  Aparently it's quite a common compliment and they continued on with other discussion about how much they liked the subject's hair and her outfit, but I was still stuck on the previously mentiond "compliment" of being tall.  What ever happened to less risque compliments like tall as a model?  Tall glass of water?  Tall as the day is long? This one will not be on the rotation of new phrases I learned.

I would recommend a visit to the South to anyone.  The people are so nice and generous, the food is awesome (I had cornbread and chicken and all the BBQ I could handle), and the atmosphere is charming.  Just be advised that you will pick up a few new phrases while you are there, and maybe even that Southern drawl.

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