Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned on Pinterest

. . . not really, but I have made some pretty amusing observations about my cohorts in Pinterestland. Don't be afraid to nod in agreement, utter phrases like "wow, how did she know that?" or just sit in awe of my amazing psychic abilities as I tell you about your nearest and dearest friends on Pinterest.*

*Don't know what Pinterest is? Crawl out of  your cave (or mountain of laundry, realistically), google it, sign up, find friends to follow, pin for hours until you realize you haven't gotten dressed or fed your children lunch, and then slowly begin to wean yourself down to a reasonable DRP (daily ration of Pinterest).

  • The first thing you have probably noticed is that our two favorite things to pins are 1) Desserts. Many completely decadent, over-the-top rich, holiday-specific, and not at all good for us. And 2) Diet and Exercise Programs. Quick and easy, do-at-home, "get rid of that mommy pooch" programs. Who are we kidding here? Which of this pins are going to be referenced more in the next two months? The crowd-pleasing and impressive desserts . . . or the picture of the woman with the six-pack who probably has never seen a stretch mark. Ladies, let's be realistic here. Pull out your winter sweaters, and come January 1, we will dust off those exercise pins and get to work. When the leftovers are gone. 
This is one of my favorite pins that my husband found. He was seriously considering it for his birthday for awhile. Check it out here.
  • DIY! Does anyone else feel like Pinterest should really be called DIYtrest? I love DIY projects as much as the next girl, but sometimes as I scroll through Pinterestland, I feel like I need to hire someone to "DIY" my projects for me. So many great ideas, so little nap time!
  • Cooking. Besides the onslaught of fabulous desserts, you can also find a wealth of recipes for food that would constitute an actual meal. But the obvious message in Pinterestland is, "Here is a list of freezer meals/slow cooker meals/30 minute meals you can easily prepare ahead of time so you can spend more time during the day on Pinterest!" 
  • Holiday Decor. Am I the only one who is mildly overwhelmed by the (DIY) holiday decoration ideas, especially when they pop up several months before said holiday, decide to pin a couple here and there, then I look at the calendar one day and realize, "Oh shucks, tomorrow is _______, and I didn't get around to making any of those 37 holiday decorations I pinned. Oh well, I guess I will try next month."  Repeat.
  • Cleaning/Organizing ideas and solutions. Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge when it come to easy (and DIY!) cleaning ideas. Many of these seem quite useful. In fact, many times I have found myself saying, "huh, why didn't I think of that?" The only downside to these pins is that it makes me feel like a complete slob when I do none of them. 
  • Fashion. Personally, I don't pin much to fashion because when I see the cute pictures of the perfectly coordinated outfits, free of spit-up, drool, and marker stains, I long for the day when I can have a big walk-in closet with cardigans organized by color and shoes separated by season. But we all know how much I enjoy shopping, and I hear it is wrong to covet, so . . . I will stick with my DIY fantasies.
  • Home Decor, AKA Someday in My Dream Home. Again, not supposed to covet . . .
  • E-Cards. I enjoy most of these, especially the ones that make me laugh out loud. Or snort out loud. Some of my favorites are this one, this one, and this one. Because you know its true. 

What observations have you made from your time in Pinterestland? Do you also need to convince your husband to get his own account? On a regular basis, I find a dozen tabs open with pins he thought I might like. I think I could turn that into an e-card. 


  1. I mostly pin DIY projects but I have noticed the overabundance of dessert. I was warned never to start Pinteresting, but I didn't listen, and I should have.

  2. I know, I know! I currently have 3 crafts going on bc I pinned them, and now they're totally stressing me out! And btw, some pinterest cleaning tricks do not work! I should have never started pinning!

  3. I love pinterest! Although I don't think it is the best thing to get rid of the "mommy pooch" since I spend so much time sitting there pinning. You can follow me if you want http://pinterest.com/lhamer3

  4. I agree on the DIY projects. I wish I have the time to do them! So many and so lovely AND well photographed too. i just got started on it, and although sometimes it feels like image overload, I love love love Pinterest.