Monday, September 17, 2012

Those Movies Where Everything Goes Wrong

Do you know the ones? The movies where everything, and I mean everything, goes wrong. Usually for no real reason, it just does.

My husband came home from the shops yesterday with a copy of the DVD movie of  Corky Romano. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an average C grade movie made in 2001 with C grade actors and a C grade storyline. Have I expressed its C grade-ness sufficiently? I would say so. Anyway, it took about 5 minutes for me to cover my eyes in dismay and begin to want to punch it in the face.

The scene that began my pain was a scene in a veterinary surgery. The main character, Corky, accidentally squirts a cat in the face with a fluid from a syringe then in trying to pull paper towel knocks over a bird cage and a snake tank. Things fly everywhere, the cat is soon running through the surgery with the bird in its mouth (the same bird who just minutes earlier we were told was a lady’s only reason for living) and the snake slides unnoticed up Corky’s pants only to be pulled out later through the fly of his trousers in front of a whole line of old ladies.

To make matters worse, we have all kinds of flailing hands and weird facial expressions, like the one below. All. the. way. through.
Why do we watch these movies? Why must Hollywood inflict this torture upon us? Does anybody actually find this funny? Please tell me.

Okay, so maybe there are some of these movies that are funny. I shouldn’t be quite so judgemental. I haven’t seen ALL of them. Thank goodness.


  1. Yeah, they give me a headache. : /

  2. I have never seen or heard of that one, but I know exactly what you mean. I HATE the Dumb and Dumber movies. I would wonder who actually likes that kind of humor, but I can answer that. My husband and boys. So some whack job out there actually likes those kind of movies. Nope, not me...

  3. Agreed. The movie Serendipity drives me crazy. I just want everyone to get together already and not have to wait two hours for it to happen!