Tuesday, September 11, 2012

There Are NO Original Ideas

Okay, so I know Kasey just posted yesterday about her amazing original idea. But in doing so she totally added fuel to my fire. I would like to argue that THERE ARE NO ORIGINAL IDEAS anymore. There just aren’t. Maybe it’s because the earth has been around so long and this period of enlightenment has been ‘light’ for ages too so all the good ideas have already happened.

Kasey so willingly and lovingly shared her ‘Million Dollar Idea’. And can I just say, it was brilliant! However, it already exists. I know this because just a few weeks ago my husband was telling me about seeing those somewhere. I admit they really should be everywhere, but I’m sorry to all of you who were beginning to develop the product in hopes of getting ridiculously rich, you can go back to Facebook stalking your friends. It’s been done…

Think about it, any new product, any new idea is somehow similar or just a revamped version of something that already exists. Even songs we hear on the radio are very rarely completely original. At university, we are taught to find other peoples’ ideas and write essays explaining them and say whether we agree or agree. We very rarely offer our own ideas. You see, it’s indoctrinated to think like everyone else!

So how can we possibly do something about this? How can we possibly break out and think original thoughts? I have no idea, for I too am a part of the spiral. Feel free to offer your ideas!


  1. There may be no original ideas, but there are still million dollar ideas...just ask the latest millionaire. By the way, where did your husband see those shopping cart food finder thingamajigs? Hopefully they make their way to America (and specifically Utah) soon.

  2. You're right, there are still million dollar ideas if not completely original. I don't know where he saw it and he can't remember. Apparently it didn't amaze him like it would us. But it was Brisbane somewhere!