Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Target and The Taking of My Money!

Ok. So maybe this is a recurring theme for the week, but I want to dive specifically into the daze that I go into at one store...


Why do I go to Target for one or two things and come out with a cart load every time I go there? And sometimes even forget the one or two items I originally went in for?

I've got some theories:

1. The dollar section. I am guilty of bribery of the dollar section kind. My kids know that if we are going to Target and they can keep the whining to a minimum, Mom will give in and let them get something from this section of the store. I always think, "It's worth $2 to not have beggars, right?" I also usually end up picking up a holiday notepad for visiting teachees or a fun hair accessory for my kids, or some little storage bins for toys (which ironically enough we wouldn't have so many if the dollar section didn't exist).

2. Cheap (but fairly stylish) children's clothing. My first daughter was able to wear jeans and other clothes for two years. The kid is a shrimp (darling...but shrimpy); she has yet to hit a growth spurt, just slow and steady, so when others would complain about their kids growing out of stuff, I could never relate...until now. Daughter number two is rapidly catching up to her sister and when I pulled out HER SISTER'S HAND ME DOWNS this morning for her fall attire, the pants were already floods and she's never worn them! Target gives me a lot of cheap options for kids who grow fast and wear out clothes quickly, especially when you can't hand me down.

3. Holiday fun. I can not go into the holiday section without knowing that I will be suckered into buying something. Even things I don't need.

4. They always get big name designers to do a line of something at Target. And this gets me interested to see what they've come up with, and this gets me to look at the entire line and this could possibly result in a purchase. DARN YOU TARGET!

5. All that red. It's confusing. Pretty soon I'm aimlessly wandering, putting in random stuff I don't need.

6. Baby's always need something. And the Target baby aisles have a lot of baby gadgetry. I try to just buy diapers, really I do. But LOOK! There's a new brand of squeezable baby food we've got to try (which talk about a million dollar idea...squeezable baby food is genius for on the go moms).

7. The "only at Target" items. Just this morning I heard on the radio that they are going to be selling candy corn Oreos "only at Target." Candy corn Oreos!! Well, next time I'm at Target, I need to get some of those just to try a few.

8. The clearance sections. I don't know what it is about those little red mark down tags that make my heart spin. I don't need it; but they've marked it down so by darn, it belongs in my cart.

So here's my Fall resolution 2012 (I'm going to start making resolutions quarterly...I'm much more likely to do something for 3 months than I am for 12). I'm going to only buy things at Target that I go to Target for. Although if I were a betting woman, I'd bet against myself on this one.


  1. I saw the candy corn oreos the other day and thought I'd like to at least try them... I however, did not purchase them. I had to get printer ink and thats stealing enough of my money at the moment. I'm in the same boat though, my husband has to limit my target visits. I come home with the most random things but I NEEDED it at the store!!! :D His most hated line from me, "It was on clearance!". ; ) I'll be rooting for your fall resolution. I may just start my own!

  2. Our target stores are nowhere near as amazing as yours and far less tempting. Don't get me wrong, I still buy stuff, but I'm a sucker. I think our sucky stores are both a blessing and a curse.

  3. Agreed. I usually hit a daze somewhere around the throw pillows and my dear husband has to hold my hand (this is not a joke) so I don't wander aimlessly.

  4. I love target wish we had one here. You don't know what you are mussing until you have to resort to Walmart because target is an over an hour away. I do go crazy when I do get to go other though.