Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Things Never Change

In an effort to be a supportive Mia Maid's adviser,  I went to the high school homecoming football game at my alma mater to watch the girls perform at half time.  It's been a good 7 years since I have attended a high school event and boy did I feel old!  Then I got all sentimental and realized some things never change.

The excitement of homecoming was evident as I sat in the bleachers and listened to the students behind me talk about how their date asked them to the dance and the time and effort it took to find the perfect dress. It brought back so many memories as I recalled myself having those exact conversations with my friends.  I became very observant and saw that the cheerleaders do the same cheers (words and actions), every grade has a guy who can rock a mullet and someone else who is known for their 'fro, girls still apply lip gloss every five minutes and the same types of cliques are still in full force.  

I think my favorite realization is that a lot of the classic slow dance songs are still theme songs and dances today.  It must be a requirement for graduation that a dance theme song is either Faithfully by Journey or You're the Inspiration by Chicago.  Keeping in mind that both of these songs were hits in the early '80's, maybe it's safe to say we can count on at least 30 years without theme songs changing.


  1. Good music has longevity. Let me ask you...7 years since you were in high school or just to a high school activity?


    1. It's been 7 years since a high school activity and 2013 will be 10 years since graduation.

    2. You're just a baby! (said from the old lady of the group)

    3. Yes, a baby! But I still think Erica is youngest:)!!

  2. Guilty. My last high school event WAS my high school graduation (which may or may not have been in 2006).