Saturday, September 1, 2012

Snakes and Snails

Remember how I wrote the post about being scared of having a daughter?  Well, I don't have to worry about that!  The twins are identical boys.  Yep, your math is correct.  I will have 4 boys.  FOUR.  All under the age of 5. 

I can't say I'm sad.  I always wanted all boys.  It just made sense for some reason.  But, does that mean that I have to try for a girl?  Do I have to take the risk of getting pregnant with another boy?  Is it frowned upon to stop now while I am ahead?  I mean, it's not like 4 kids is a small number.  In fact, 4 kids seems like a nice, solid, big number.  Will it be weird to never, ever have a daughter?

This means, I won't get to design the cutest Parisian nursery with a cast iron cafe table and glass chandelier.  I never get to go prom dress shopping with a daughter.  I pretty much get left out of all wedding planning with boys.  I will most likely send 4 boys on missions, and I'm assuming boys aren't great at writing consistently.  I will have to go to countless football, soccer, and baseball games.   Plus, who is going to take care of me when I'm old?  Isn't that kind of the responsibility of a daughter? 

Are my boys going to do this? 

Is my house going to smell like a locker room?  Is my food bill going to go through the roof?  Am I going to be the smallest one in family pictures by the time the twins are in 8th grade? 

I suppose I can't worry about it yet.  For now, I guess I will just look forward to my one night a year alone, when they are all at the father and son camp out. 


  1. Water bill is higher, food bill is higher, and No they don't write much.

  2. And don't forget that you'll be in scouting forever. :) All those girl things you're welcome to do with us, heaven knows I sure need help when it comes to girly girl things!

  3. Congrats! Think about your bill on feminine hygiene products though! I'm scared to death of the day we have 4 periods going on here! Also, I am on the verge of having to do 4 hairstyles (including my own) everyday. We'll never be on time ever again! I know the feeling of needing to perhaps "keep trying" for a specific gender, but you know what, it's not something anyone can control, only the Lord. So I say if you're happy with the number you have and your husband is happy with the number you have then there is no reason to rock the boat just for a certain gender.

  4. My sister had two boys and then got pregnant with twin boys. You seem to be handling it better then she did when she first found out =) She wouldnt return phone calls while she cried about the fact that her life long dream to have a daughter may not come true!! I cant say I blame her. It is so much fun at her house though and always crazy but I know she wouldn't trade it for the world!!! Congrats...cant wait to hear what life with four boys will be like at your house