Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sensory, Messy and a Little Yucky

I am a mother of an incredibly adventurous toddler with more energy than any child I’ve ever met. So, I am always on the lookout for new, fun activities we can do.

We do a lot of reading singing, dancing, drawing, painting, playing instruments (it’s the music teacher in me), outside play, we make paper crafts, play with playdough, cook, etc. This week, I have been looking for something special… something sensory, messy and a little yucky.

What toddler doesn’t love messy, sticky, gooey crafts?
Maybe it’s because I’m not on Pinterest very often and don’t spend too much time trawling the blog world - I just get on, get on with the job at hand, and get moving – but I had never seen this idea so I thought I’d share in case you haven’t either.
SLIME!! I found the idea here.

Homemade Slime
 1 teaspoon borax powder
1 1/2 C water, divided
4 oz (1/2 C) Elmer’s glue, clear or white
food coloring
Add borax powder to 1 cup of water and stir to dissolve. Set aside. Pour glue into a medium mixing bowl and add 1/2 C water. Add a few drops of food coloring until desired color is reached and then stir to mix glue solution until smooth. Pour the borax mixture into the glue mixture and watch the solids start to form. Stir for a few moments and then use your hands to gather the mass. The mixture will be very soft and wet. Keep kneading until it firms up and feels dry. Discard excess liquid in bowl. The more you knead and play with the slime the firmer it will become. Store in a ziplock bag or air tight container and the slime will keep indefinitely.
Brilliant huh? It is the easiest thing ever to make. So simple, so slimy, so fun. My son loved this stuff. He played with it for a good half hour, and then asked for it again several times in the day. This is a miracle for my kid. The only thing he asks for that much is bubbles. He’s like that crazy fish on Finding Nemo.. ‘bubbles, bubbles, bubbles’… You know the one?
Anyway, I buried a few toys in a tub of slime and he LOVED digging them out. We set up two containers and moved it from one container to another. We just played around with it. Some may or may not have been thrown at the wall. A great, practically free, sensory activity.

Get on it!


  1. We made this when I was Young! Great stuff!! I might have to make it for my boys. Thanks for postintG!

  2. so neat - totally using this when i have kids :)
    just found your blog and excited to be your newest follower!
    ps. i'd love for you to drop by and follow back if you get a chance :)