Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OPK's: Other People's Kids

Well, if you didn't already think that I was heartless, I'm about to prove it to you once again. Let's start by telling you that I had one heck of a weekend. It all started when my baby threw up on Friday morning, and that was just the beginning. In total between two kids, I believe we had 7 throw-up incidents.

There isn't a worse parental feeling that I have experienced yet than having sick kids. But here's the thing, it's not because of the grossness. It's because of the worry.

Why is it that my own kid could poop and throw up all over me at the same time, and it doesn't trigger a gag reflex at all? I can calmly clean it up, hug them, and am not bothered in the least.

Here's the thing though...other people's kids (OPK's as I like to call them)...watch out!

The above statement wouldn't lend you to believe what I'm about to say, but I am a kid person. This is the reason that I am often instantly signed up to be the nursery leader in new wards that I move into. I have a nursery aura about me, I guess, and I really don't mind nursery. I enjoy songs, snacks, toys, and little ones. But the one down side to the nursery...when you have to go around to figure out who the smeller is. I gag just thinking about it.

Why would this bother me so badly after I have literally changed thousands of diapers in my parental career?

Because the nursery is full of OPK's. OPK's smell different. Their runny noses are way grosser than my own kids runny noses. Their gross eating habits are so much grosser than my kids' gross eating habits.

When I babysat as a tween, I can remember saying a little prayer when I went to babysit that I wouldn't have to change any diapers. I thought I was over it. But then I was watching an OPK toddler once (not that long ago), and I found myself saying the same little prayer.

And for those of you who are nurses and doctors out there, bless your souls! All you do all day is take care of other people's grossness. It is clear that I do not have the heart of a nurse. Or the heart of a mother. Should I be worried?


  1. I'm the same way. Other people's kids gross me out. My kids? They're great.

  2. Part of my job description at work (I work at a school) is to be able and willing to clean up vomit. I try to hide when those "opportunities" come up.