Thursday, September 20, 2012

Men as Boys

While working in the nursery my husband and I would often laugh and imagine adults trying to get away with the things two year-olds do.  I don't think the humor of childhood behavior is reserved to two year-olds though. That is probably why I can't help laughing every time I watch one of the "Kid History" episodes from Bored Shorts.

In these episodes a few dads get together to interview their kids, and then the dads act out the scenes the kids describe dubbing over the interviews. My favorite is this one:


  1. I love Kid History. I think I've seen almost every episode...

  2. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Hope my kids don't think my 'healthy' food is that gross. haha

    (On another note, love the new look to the blog, but I could barely see the link to comment. might want to change the link color.)

  3. Thanks for the feedback Emily! I think you're right, black is easier to read. :)

  4. LOVED this post, hilarious. I had to google their website and my kids and I watched like 30 videos. Just made my day and kept me laughing. Great post!