Friday, September 28, 2012

Land of the Free, Home of the Convenient

A big thank you to Kaylee for being a guest poster today!  I stumbled across her blog one day, liked her writing, and asked her to write a guest post.  As I read more of her blog and she read mine we realized we're practically related.  Okay, not really.  But I know her mom, she was friends with my sister-in-law, and our brothers played soccer together.  So see, kind of related.

I’m American. Through and through. Always have been and always will be (until I have both American & Australian citizenship. Yeah immigration!). But marrying a foreigner gives you another look at dear America and points out things that, how does he put it?...“are SO American.”  Since moving back from Australia I have noticed these things myself and honestly chuckle to myself sometimes. Don’t get me wrong- I love it. But America is certainly the land of the free and the home of the convenient. For example:

1.  Fast Food Fanatics: Living overseas we were lucky to find a drive-thru fast food restaurant within 10 miles of where we were. This wasn’t because Australians don’t love their Macca’s (McDonald’s) or KFC, but the fact that every freeway exit sign doesn’t list the million fast food options that are waiting for you right after you leave the freeway. (We’ll get to freeways themselves in a minute.)  But really, do you ever have to guess if there will actually be fast food if you take this next exit? Well maybe if the giant M-sign from McDonald’s is blinding you so you can’t see every other sign just off to your left or right.  It’s true my fellow Americans. It’s so convenient? Yes, but so American.

2.  Drive-thru EVERYTHING: So we’ve already addressed fast food drive-thru mania you can experience off of nearly every freeway exit, but what about drive through banks? My hubs literally laughed at me because I didn’t get out of my car to cash a check. And why would I? Mr. Window Bank Teller will serve me just the same from the comfort of my car. What about drive-thru car washes, coffee shops, pharmacies, dry cleaning...the list goes on and on. Yes friends, we love our drive-thrus! Convenient? You bet!

3.  Just add water: When the Mr. and I were dating he decided to make me pancakes one morning. He jaunted to the store and was very pleased to find this beaut:

What could be better!? Instead of concocting the mix himself all he had to do was add water, shake and pour. This has gotten even better as I recently discovered this:
As if adding eggs and oil to a cake mix was too difficult for us, now we just have to add water. Convenient?  Yes. American? Yes.
4. Always open: I don’t think there is a single grocery store in my city that is not open 24/7. One does close on Sundays but other than that we can visit the grocery store whenever we please. Late night cravings can always be satisfied!  Further, the local mall is open until 9pm. If you work until 5pm but still need those fabulous shoes you’ve been eyeing, no problem. How convenient. I worked full-time when my husband and I lived overseas and if I wanted to do any clothing shopping it had to be done on Saturday, or during my lunch break. Darnit! Heaven forbid that the shop workers wanted to get off at 5pm as well! They did have this thing called “late-night Thursday shopping” where you had until 9, but heaven help me if I was going to brave the mall that night. I bet you Americans never knew it was such a convenience to be able to shop to your heart’s content after working a full day. Convenient?  Yes.

5. Coupons: A common phrase in our family is, “I bet there’s a coupon for that”. And you know what, there usually is! We love our coupons. Combining coupons, price-matching, whatever form it may take, America is conveniently coupon oriented. They sometimes even have them sitting next to the register for you. You don’t even have to do the hard work to find them yourself. Handy?  Yes. Convenient? Yes.
There you have it; convenience in America conveniently pointed out for you. We all can use some extra convenience in life with demanding school schedules, screaming kids, extra curricular activities and who knows what else.  In the words of my husband, “Bless America”.


  1. Its funny because its true! I thank my beautiful friend Katrina for letting me know what is "SO American". Great post!

  2. God bless America. I sort of feel like singing the national anthem right about now. But seriously, love everything about my country. Except the politics.

  3. Don't forget about drive-thru wedding chapels in Vegas. If that isn't convenient, I don't know what is!

  4. Oh Thursday night shopping. It's true.. that is our only late night option. Obviously Kaylee lived somewhere in Aus like me... there are a few cities here open til 9 most nights. But you missed others Kaylee! WHat about the limitless options for everything - clothes, shoes, electronics - everything! And the fact that the limitless options means everything is cheaper. I know your food is convenient, but I must say I think things taste better here.. Pretty much everything is yummier.... And most americans who visit agree. Kaylee... opinioin??

  5. Excellent post. Living in Oz, the thing I envy most is being to complete all my errands without leaving the car!