Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fantasy Football

Hi All!  I'm Chelsea and I'm new here at Pear Shaped Thoughts and sooo happy to be here!  I'm a Utah native who enjoys spending time with my husband, live entertainment, exercising, baking and adding stamps to my passport.  I look forward to this new adventure and sharing some of my thoughts with you.

I was recently inspired by a friend of mine who is attempting to get into the spirit of football season and the ever so popular fantasy football.  Now I know very little about fantasy football, but what I do know is that you pick NFL players from any team and bada bing! You have created a fantasy team (that's the basic jist, right?) 
So I got thinking... If I were putting together a team, my allstar cast would include the following, and I'm not limiting myself to just the NFL:

1.  Kenny Chensey. Who doens't love Kenny?  He played football growing up and wanted to play professionally but was just too short (he's 5'8").  Positive side note here, he still fills football stadiums but does so with a guitar in hand :)
2.  Jason Bourne.  Think of all the sneaky plays he could run.
3.  Chris Harrison.  Just picture him as the quarterback saying "Gentlemen, this is the final play of the game, whenever you're ready" and then they win it by a hair!
4.  Channing Tatum.  The man can dance (think Step Up) and is obviously coordinated.  He could run for the touchdown and throw some cool spin moves in there too.
5.  Ryan Lochte.  Because every team needs a cute, boy-next-door fan favorite the girls love.
6.  Clinton Kelly.  He would be sure the team had the very best uniforms.
7.  Bobby Flay.  He's creative and fun and the team would be healthy and well-fed.
8.  Usain Bolt.  Why not have the fastest man on earth on my team?
9.  Dr. Oz.  He's a smart, interesting fella and could take care of injured teammates.
10.  Prince Harry.  Because no team is complete without royalty.
11.  Shark Tank Investors.  Yes, all of them.  They are smart and witty and could help me run the "business" side of owning a team in their spare time.

And last but not least, my team would be coached by Matt Lauer.  He has all that experience with the press and doing live interviews, and he's one of the only people I know who can pull off the loafers with no socks look (I think Clinton Kelly would be proud).

Well, there you have it, my fantasy team.  I envision an awesome season with these guys, I just wonder how they would stack up against my husband's team...

Who would you pick for your fantasy football team?


  1. We're so glad you're here! I think my favorites on your fantasy football league are Clinton Kelly and Chris Harrison. Everyone makes fun of Chris Harrison's job so maybe if he could show his usefulness in other venues they'd back off of him.

  2. What's football? Nah, I'm just kidding. I couldn't even begin to make a list of fantasy football players because I teased my husband to no end the year he played fantasy football. Looking forward to more of your posts.