Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Disobedient Husbands

I’m aware that our husbands don’t have to obey us. In fact in history, it was the women who used to have to obey the men. I’m glad we don’t live back then. I’d have been shot.

I know its wishful thinking, but I would love to tell my husband what to do sometimes. You know, ‘go do the grocery shopping now’ and ‘time to massage my feet now’. That type of thing. My husband is super helpful, but I want more. Who doesn’t?

Imagine what we could do? ‘Honey, go write my blog for me while I sit down and do nothing’. And he’d do it! ‘Honey, I know you’ve been at work for 10 hours, but it’s time to clean the bathrooms and do the dishes. Chop chop!’ Now that’s control. We’d have some serious free time. Ahh, free time. I miss free time.

I don’t know about you, but last time I had my tarot cards read I don’t think they mentioned a completely obedient husband anywhere in my future. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with disobedience.

It’s funny, because I am. Completely satisfied.


  1. Love this!! Haha. Great post. I think my request would be, "honey, take your son to school... Now." I'm not a morning person! Especially when morning sickness is added to the mix. ; )

  2. I remember having the thought as a child that my parents had me just to serve them. Ha-ha-ha.I made a fatal error and said it aloud too...