Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When You Give a Mouse a Cookie

We've had plastic fold-up chairs and a hand-me-down tiny table in our kitchen for years now (5 of them to be exact) and every once in a while I casually suggest to my husband "oh how nice it would be" to have a table that more than 4 people could fit at and that had matching real wood chairs.

Well, he finally decided that he agreed and the time was right. So we buy a nice table, set it up in our dining room, and what do you know, it looks out of place. He said so himself.

It turns out that plastic furniture really lends itself to low expectations for the rest of the decor in a room. 

Too much time spent with late night HGTV got my wheels spinning and I thought of the new drapes, place settings, center pieces, runners, accents wall, etc. that would improve the situation.

My husband's recommendation? A hanging vine basket in the corner.

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  1. Now let's pretend that you move every year and suddenly the table you painted blue to look good in the last house now looks horrendous and needs to be painted gray, and the tv stand would now look better if flaked by book shelves and your room needs table lamps, etc etc. Why do we even bother!!?