Thursday, August 16, 2012

When It's OK to Cry

Being the expert that I am on crying (if an expert on crying is "one who cries about everything") I thought I'd create a list for you non experts and experts alike to help you in those "I don't even know why I'm crying" moments.  This should give you a better feel for the reasons it's okay to cry.

It's okay to cry if:

10.) Something was stolen from you, like your favorite coat in the 7th grade.
9.) The battery in your car died and you have three kids with you at the Library and it's 90 degrees outside and your husband can't come help because his patient is about to push out a baby.  
8.) it's something involving your children.  Whether it's because they are being so naughty you want to scream but can't do anything except walk into the bathroom, lock the door and cry for five minutes or because you love them so much and it's terribly frightening to see them gowned up for surgery.  All crying is fair game when it come to the kidlets.  
7.)  it's a spiritual matter.
6.) When you find a nice police officer to help you start your car battery because you are stranded at the library with three kids.
5.)  you are feeling grateful.
4.) you are feeling upset but not upset enough to yell.  Like when the Bishop calls you to serve in the nursery and you really don't want to but you do anyway because it's the right thing to do and you'll probably be grateful you accepted the calling in a few months.
3.) If someone was mean to you.
2.) If your kid called you stinky butt.
1.) You're pregnant.  Basically, you can cry for any reason imaginable if you're pregnant.  Like if your husband looses your chapstick or if your husband puts something in the wrong cubbord in your kitchen.  ahem....Linz.  And the people around you should give you hugs and ice cream upon making you cry.  Especially if they've lost the chapstick.

And there you have it.  Anything else you would like to add?Jami


  1. Oh man, the pregnant cry. And I'm sorry about your car. You should have called me. I couldn't have helped you with the battery, but I would have been happy to sit and cry with you :) Ha!

  2. I cried on the take off of my first time on an airplane, ha. I have no idea why. I was 16, who knows! Yep, pregnancy cries end up being the funniest. I cry over toilet paper commercials right now. ; )

  3. I ended up crying alone in the parking lot of the frozen yogurt place a few weeks back. It was during the move...maybe I'm pregnant. Too soon to tell, but when your Oreo and sprinkle topping has the salty taste of tears, you know something is up. I'm not usually a cryer, but the movie Tangled gets me every time! Those poor sweet parents letting off that lantern. That's heavy stuff, so I guess I'd add movies to your list.