Friday, August 3, 2012

Tipping Point

While spending a few days in the hospital this past week (bless those kidney stones) I've had a lot of time to think about a subject very near and dear to our wallets--tipping.

Tipping is supposed to be a show of gratitude for service well done, right (hence the name "gratuity")? It seems to me that tipping has become a bit shady. There are all sorts of people I'm supposed to tip that I don't want to and people that should be tipped that aren't.

Why is it assumed that you will pay your waiter a tip? This seems like a weasely way for restauranteurs to get away with paying waitstaff below minimum wage. If my water glass is always full and you stop by my table only once (not 20 times) to ask how the food is, that seems par for the course. If you do something more, then I'm grateful and I'll tip you accordingly.

Hairdressers/Manicurists/Spa People
I always tip waiters because I feel bad for them, but let's be honest, hairdressers are making buko-bucks. Why am I giving them more of my money? If you're a hairdresser you're probably disgruntled with me, but your biased and I don't blame you.

Back to me being in the hospital. I had never been hospitalized before I had my baby three months ago, and since then I've been back 3 times. In a moment of wretched pain the best nursing care deserves to be recognized and poor nursing care deserves to know that it stunk. I know there are billions of dollars thrown into health care by Americans, but I'd like to throw some of mine towards good nurses. They put up with a lot of crap. Literally.

Teachers allow mothers a few hours of quiet sanity with no children at home plus they educate your children for you. I can think of no better service. And they aren't payed well. Shouldn't we be rewarding good teachers? I'd definitely support this practice. 

Who do you think we should or shouldn't be tipping? I'd love to hear your two cents...

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  1. I agree! I don't like to tip waiters or waitresses for poor service, unless they're middle aged and then I feel bad for them so I tip them no matter what. And I've always wondered why I'm tipping the lady who does my pedicures. I mean, I just paid the lady $25 to paint my toenails. Aren't I already being generous?

    1. I'd say that's generous. I'll paint your toenails for $25 any day Kasey.

  2. You sound like the type of person that would be a nightmare to wait on. I'm sure you sit through your whole meal, waiting for the smallest mistake to be made, just so you have a reason to leave less of a tip.