Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

Remember back in June when I said I was going to make this:
Well, all you naysayers - I did it.  Just kidding, no one naysayed me.  But you might have, if you knew how often I started but never completed projects.

Before the unveiling, which looks pretty much like the above picture so don't get too excited, I am going to address some frequently asked questions.  And by frequently asked questions I mean the only question that has been asked.
Q: How much did it cost?
A: Well, let's say you already owned a circle paper punch.  I used 3 rolls of wax paper at approximately $2.50 a roll and an old lampshade I bought at the D.I. (similar to Goodwill) for $1.  The grand total being = $8.50.

Let's say you didn't already own a paper punch so you purchased one at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon for a total of $10.  Now imagine that although you are normally an organized and level-headed person you have a tendency to misplace things, including but not limited to recently purchased paper punches.  So being forced to buy another punch you suddenly find your total to be $28.50 (two paper punches + wax paper + lamp shade). 
But just to make myself feel better I like to subtract the price of one of the paper punches since it will most likely be used on other projects so it wouldn't be accurate to add the entire price to one project.  Bringing the total down to $18.50.  Which isn't bad, considering that the "boob lights" at home improvement stores costs about the same.

Can you tell I'm a tightwad?

Without further ado...whoomp, there it is:
I put it in my baby girl's nursery.  I'm happy with the end result and totally think it was worth the $8.50  $18.50  $28.50 it cost me to make.


  1. That looks amazing! Good on you! I love it! You can tell I'm not a crafter. I didn't know they made hole punches that big. ; ) It's gorgeous!

  2. You're an inspiration to us all, really. I made a teether ribbon thing this week :)

  3. If only I weren't a renter...I've got about a million "brass boobs" all over my place!

  4. Come on now. What's wrong with some "brass boobs"? I do like the crafty light though. :)