Saturday, August 18, 2012

Third World Love

My husband and I honeymooned in Fiji.

Fiji is a third world country, except for a few small parts they save for tourists to make you think everyone lives like that. First world for the tourists, third world for everyone else. We were there for 12 days and in that time we travelled around visiting and looking. We even met a worker in our hotel who was mormon – there must be like eight mormons total in Fiji so this was pretty lucky – who invited us back to her village to have a meal with her family and see the real Fiji. It was amazing. Just incredible to see how happy and content these people are without all the luxuries we expect and consider essential.
We blend in so well, don’t we?

We loved it so much we decided we wanted to live there forever. We got over that a few weeks later, but we really loved it and had a wonderful time.

But do you know what I did half the time? Cried. Yep. Cried and blubbered like a baby. For some bizarre reason, the whole idea of living in a third world country makes me sad. I know that is totally lame because these people are in no way as sad about it as I was. In fact, everyone I met was content. They probably earn in a year what we earn in a week. But they are happy. I found I couldn’t deal with the idea of only having dirt roads, and having to light a fire to cook my dinner, living in a tiny shack with my entire extended family, or not being able to drink water straight from the faucet. So I cry when I see others living like that. Just call me Blubbery McBlubberson.

  Grocery shopping - Fiji style

As much as it makes me sad, I want to see more. Know more. Understand how they live and take home a bit of that humility to push back the proverbial Jones’s and realize I don’t need to compete with anyone.
The fun parts of Fiji you see in the resorts.

I'm excited to see more of the third world. I'm not sure where to go next. India? Indonesia? (there's lots of I's in the names of these countries... perhaps a blog post for another day...) I'm scared and likely to cry! Any suggestions?

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