Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Sports I Would Never Do

What I am about to say is vain from every angle.  Every. single. one.  Regardless, it's the honest truth.

I would never want to become an expert in some fields of sports solely based on the expanse of muscles that are developed as a result.

Speed skaters for example.  Huge, gigantic muscular thighs.  I don't want them.  As far as I know, most women already think their own thighs are thunderous, so I don't see how getting bigger ones would help anyone's self esteem.  Well, maybe if you won a gold medal.  But that's pretty much it.

Weight lifters are next.  Big, thick necks.  I like separation from my head and my shoulders to be visible.

Then come the swimmers.  Really muscular, broad shoulders.  Are swimmers cool?  Of course they are.  But if I had those shoulders, I would look like those shrunken head people from "Beetlejuice".

That being said, I will go ahead and swap bodies with Gabby Douglas.  That, I can live with :)

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