Monday, August 20, 2012

Cat Haters Anonymous

I really hate cats.  Hate isn't even a strong enough word.  I loathe them.  I'm not sure why I can't stand them. They really are beautiful creatures. Maybe it is because growing up we only had barn cats.  You know the kind that are practically feral and will claw your eyes out?  Yep, that is what we had.  They kept the mice out of the barn and pretty much took care of themselves.  I don't have any fond memories of dressing my cats up like babies and pushing them around in baby carriages.  I tried to like them.  I even got one as an adult to see if I could change my mind.  It lives with my parents and I still don't like it.

Well, this week has brought me to a new level of cat-hate.  A cat in the neighborhood is pooping in my kids sandbox.  And I hadn't realized it.  I had been playing in the sand with my kids, making sandcastles and digging to China....when I found buried cat poop.  I am pregnant!  Did you know you aren't supposed to be near cat poop when you are pregnant?!  I also have a toddler who pretty much puts his hands in his mouth all the time.  I am so grossed out on all levels...and panicking about the diseases that my toddler and two unborn children have contracted.

What should I do?!  (Besides the obvious of having some blood work done at my OB appointment this week.)  Should I talk to the neighbor?  Should I wait outside at night with a BB gun?  Should I lay out some rat poison and hope my kids don't eat it first?  Should I get a dog?  I already sprinkled cayenne pepper around the perimeter of the sandbox.  Apparently cats hate it...but I felt like I was out there doing voodoo magic. I also have a cover on it now (should have thought of that earlier).

Can't the stinkin' thing poop at it's own house?  Cats are so rude and inconsiderate.  I think that is really why I don't like them.


  1. Well, dogs are too. They poop wherever they want, and unfortunately it depends on if the owner is kind of enough to clean it up. As for being pregnant, it's the litter and pee, not the poop. I would start over with a new sandbox and a cover. That's about all you can do. You might want to tell your doctor just to be on the safe side though.

  2. I love cats, but I HATE cats that run the neighborhood and poop in sandboxes. We had that problem when my daughter was little. We got rid of the sandbox. My advice: Animal Control

  3. I completely agree with you!!! We have about three cats that run around like they rule this neighborhood. They have actually had several litters of kittens on the side of our house and it drives me bonkers, I hate them! And gross! I can't believe they used your sand box as a litter box! Gross! Get tested, disinfect the kids and Clorox your box! Cats drive me crazy!

  4. my grandpa used to grab them by the tail, swing them around and throw them across the river.

    Also, we have some dog coming around pooping on our front yard. And by the amont of poop there is in one pile, I'd say that it's one huge, massive dog. yuck.

  5. If you need a laugh to get through the aggravation, stop by to visit us!