Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alone Time

When in sunny San Diego a few weeks ago a strange thing happened when I took my baby out in public...people stared.

In Utah everyone has their own baby so they don't care about yours. In San Diego people in the grocery store would peer into my basket to look at my sleeping baby. As much as I hate conforming, when it comes to babies, I'm glad to blend in. It makes me feel a false sense of security probably. If everyone has their own, they won't want to take  mine right?

Well speaking of security, I was shocked when I read this blog post a couple days ago. Apparently it is totally normal for moms in Denmark to leave their sleeping babies in their prams outside of shops while the babies sleep outside. What!?

These Scandinavian countries really have it made when it comes to babies. Maternity and paternity leave that lasts for years and no baby nappers.

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