Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend


We have all heard that diamonds are a girl's best friend.  Sure, I love a beautiful diamond as much as any girl.  In fact, I have high hopes for my diamond collection in the next few years.  However, I would have to say that shoes are really a girl's best friend.  I think I love shoes more than anything else that I could have in my closet.  When I see them placed neatly in little rows, organized by style and color, it sends chills down my spine.  The smell of new shoes is intoxicating.  And when they fit just right and you can wear them comfortably for hours (and they aren't ugly, old lady shoes), just about nothing tops that.


Here are the reasons why I love shoes and think we should all sign a petition naming shoes as a girl's best friend.  Move over diamonds.

1.  Can diamonds make you appear taller?  Only if they are in a tiara, which is pretty much frowned upon wearing to the grocery store.  And that is about the most exciting place I go.

2.  Shoes never make you look fat.  In fact, a nice pair of heels can minimize the appearance of your rear.

3.  Shoes are generally cheaper than diamonds.  Most women I know have budgets. 

4.  You can change your whole attitude by just slipping on a great pair of shoes. 

5.  You can express your personality by the shoes you wear. 

6.  You can go from frumpy housewife to a sexy date in minutes just by changing your shoes.  Mascara also helps. 

7.  Shoes provide easy variety for your wardrobe.

8.  Shoe shopping is fun!  I find it the least stressful of all the shopping.  Shirts have to hide your muffin top, jeans have to lift and flatter, shoes just have to be cute!

I love shoes.  However, I hope my husband doesn't read this because I still want him to buy me diamonds.

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