Friday, July 13, 2012

A win for the husband

I am a small scale DIYer. My favourite blog is Young HouseLove, and if you DIY, you know the Petersiks. I love painting furniture, reupholstering chairs, creating art projects, and helping the husband build things. We love it.

My husband and I have decided to take our small scale DIYing up a notch and do some real DIYing around our home. We want to plaster, paint, redo floors, redo our kitchen and bathroom. Lots of potential projects to try out… and potentially ruin. That’s part of the fun of DIYing.

One of the plans included ripping up the existing carpets and laying floorboards or tiles in the main living areas. This has been a small source of contention. I despise carpet. I hate seeing dirt in it and I hate that I don’t know what’s in its deeper layers. I hate that it’s hard to clean when there are spills and I cannot stand pet hair on carpet. Not a carpet fan. My husband however loves carpet. He thinks it makes a house feel homely. He wants lots of carpet whilst I want very little. Thus, we debate.

We’ve been mulling over what to do in relation to the stairs. Do we want carpet on the stairs or no? I bet you can guess which side I was on.

This week as we were measuring and discussing the stairs from the top of the staircase, we had a little accident. And when I say little accident, I mean the person who had the accident was little. Our 17 month old. And when I say accident I mean he literally catapulted himself down the stairs and looked like he was awkwardly cart wheeling down the stairs using his head instead of his hands.   
In this moment, my husband won. And I hate it when that happens. My 17 month old had a few tears and definitely a fright, but no real injury from falling down the stairs. Not even a bruise. And that kid was flying! The carpet totally saved him. He was back up and using them again just a few minutes later.

So yes honey, we’ll keep carpet on the stairs. In case we have any more dare devils in the family.


  1. Glad your son was okay. Stairs can be so dangerous whether carpeted or not. I'd like to have stairs that have the bit of hardwood running down the sides with carpet in the middle? I'm sure there is a name for that, but I can't think of it. I think it looks really nice and would be a compromise, I suppose.

  2. I live with all wood floors and were this a kid free home I'd love it, but as is, this house is too loud and my kids bonk their heads or slip on the flooring at least once a day. Not only that, but you still need large rugs on that hard flooring giving me floors to clean AND rugs to vacuum so I'm not that big of a fan of wood floors everywhere. Hard flooring is for kitchen/dining areas and bathrooms; that's it. And my 9 month old new crawler now has bruises on her knees (bad ones) as a result of these stylish floors. Wait for retirement. That's my two cents.

  3. You just need gates at the top and bottom of the stairs! As for your husband loving carpet, give him time. Your son is only 17months. He hasn't had time to do any real damage to the carpet yet. Carpet on stairs with kids in the house is a serious recipe for disaster imo. I've had 3 kids learn to crawl and walk on wooden floors and I love them. Don't let your husband win with just one little accident as his only defence!