Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who’s Job is Harder? Husband vs Wife

Recently, it seems relationships within marriage have become a new competitive zone. Who has the hardest job? Randomly, this question has come up in a few discussions with friends, coworkers, and random people in parks. Does it ever come up for you?

So I wanted to put it out there. Who do you think has the hardest job?
Now this is not to say that we do not appreciate our husbands or that they do not appreciate us. It is not to create hard feelings or to hear stories of your husband not cleaning the dishes or that he always leaves the toilet seat up. All that stuff is irrelevant right now. We understand that men and women each have divine roles and that we are to work in partnership. But what’s a partnership without a bit of a friendly competition?

We’re talking here about the role of husband and the role of wife. Obviously there are specific and special cases where the husband may be the stay at home child carer or whatever.
(Let me just say that I totally wanted to write obnoxious things under each heading… like ‘Watch football, Pick nose’ etc but chose to keep it sensible. I’m sure I’ll regret that decision later. Nope, I already do.)
The Role of a Husband
Provide for and protect the family
Lead the home

The Role of a Wife
Nurture the children
Home duties – cooking, cleaning, etc
Clearly a very simplistic description, but I can’t write in more detail or my opinionated detailing will likely sway your decisions. I’m very manipulative that way.
So just go for it. Vote! Who’s job is harder? Husband or wife?


  1. In our marriage, I would definitely have to say that Joe's job is harder than mine. He works construction 5-6 days a week, he's a Bishop 4-5 days of the week, a father who helps me tend to our son's medical treatments, and he's my husband who is great at giving me moral support and a mental boost all the time. I'm not saying my job isn't tough but Joe's days never seem to end. He's got it rough and I'd have a really hard time trading him jobs.

  2. I don't know...on the one hand I can stay in my pajamas and take a nap in the middle of the day if I need to, while my husband definitely can't. On the other hand my work day doesn't end at 5:00 - and while my husband is helpful when he comes home my toddler prefers me and I nurse my baby so I still do the majority of the work. I know which one I prefer though - staying at home!

  3. I think they are apples and oranges. There is no good comparison. I always think that while my husbands job is more physically tiring, mine is more mentally tiring.

  4. I really think it depends on the marriage and the family. There are some women that I know work way harder than their husband, but there are other marriages where the husband has the harder job. (A stay at home mom with 1 sweet little baby has it pretty easy.) So I don't think you can really say. It's different with every family.