Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Friends Unite

As a single student, my husband lived in a house with four other guys. They lived like a family and really looked out for each other. They drank Bundaberg Ginger Beer (if you haven’t tried it, you simply must), helped each other get women, had parties, helped each other break up with women, and loved life. Of course, as time went on they began to marry and separate from the herd.

This weekend, my husband and I went on a mini vacation with these guys and their now families. They came from all over Australia and one came from where he now lives with his wife in Florida. This was big business. We got together up the Sunshine Coast, which for those who don’t know is a beautiful beach location north of Brisbane and we were staying with four other families in a large resort style home.

We did some of the same things they did when they were single – drank Ginger Beer and had parties, but this time we talked about children and families and life…. And there were wives there. It was great fun and a real tribute to friendship.

The biggest tribute to friendship? When one of the wives accidentally brings a stomach bug to the vacation (that was me.. whoops) which spreads through the group (sorry everyone!) leaving virtually no one safe from its horrible, stomach destroying grasp and rather than hate and ignore, they all laugh about it. That’s pretty hard to do with your head over a bucket. Now that’s love.

Time to catch up with your friends! But may I suggest you leave your stomach bug at home…

Here’s a picture of the group (with a few who visited for the day).

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  1. Love, love, love! I'd still love you if you brought a stomach bug!! : )