Friday, July 20, 2012

The Blooper Reel

Tonight I had a bad experience. A very bad experience. For some reason I thought that the week I was going to visit family in Utah (by myself with three kids nonetheless) and pack up most of my house was the perfect week to schedule THE one thing that I have dreaded most for the last two years...


Why can't this be the 80s where everyone just wears what they want to wear and they go to the local studio with some sort of laser or fake tree backdrop. You get maybe two or three takes. Good or bad? It doesn't matter. You pay your 2o bucks and everyone is on their merry way.

Oh no! That's not what we're dealing with these days. Now we have to think about EVERYONE'S outfits and if they "go together." We don't want them to seem "too matchy" though. And we have to think about all angles of the outfits too. Don't think that I didn't check out my backside before picking out the pants I was going to wear because the inevitable "holding hands and walking together from behind" picture is going to be taken. Your session is going to be at least 45 minutes long and your kids will need to hold up that whole time. There will be about 200 pictures and possible outfit changes.

So back to tonight's photo session. I don't really want to talk about it. Let's just say it was 100 degrees with at least 80 percent humidity. My 3 1/2 year old who is usually terrible at taking pictures was even more rotten than usual. The hairdo's went completely flat, and that's not even taking my hairdo into consideration. I decided to wear pumps on brick paths. We were all incredibly sweaty. Like, gross sweaty.

I'm sort of scared to get the pictures. I can only pray that there is one good one for a Christmas card photo. PLEASE let there be just one! Otherwise, there will be no Christmas card this year because I am not doing that again for a long time.

This was a moment that I really wanted video footage of, however. A blooper reel, if you will. I want to show it at my 3 year old's wedding. I want to give it to my daughters when they become moms and are having a hard day with their kids.

Do you have bad moments that you really wish you had a blooper reel video of?

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  1. I've heard from photographers that the best pictures are where the people show their individuality through their dress not their matching outfits.