Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Sand Bucket List

My kids and I sat down last week and wrote down a list of things we want to do this summer.  My 3 year old didn't contribute much and my baby even less so as usual I bore the brunt of the work.

Since it's a summer list we named it our Summer Sand Bucket List. Don't worry, I'm not that clever. I'm sure I read that idea somewhere else. On second thought, I can't remember where I read it. Maybe I am that clever.
And then I hung it up where I can see it every day. I wouldn't want August 31st to roll around only to realize we've done nothing but twiddle our thumbs and watch Thomas the Train all summer.


  1. You are a much better mother than I am! I am counting on Thomas the Train to get me through the summer! Haha!

  2. I'm with Linz, you are a much better mother than I too! Although Linz, we have 3 very good reasons for being a little lazy this summer. ; )
    This is a really cute idea and I may have to write this down for next year. Thanks for posting!