Saturday, July 21, 2012

Medical Improvements

I am a self-admitted pill popper.  I don’t like to feel uncomfortable or be in pain if I don’t have to be.  I have always known this about myself.  If I have a little headache, I take Advil.  If I slept funny and my neck hurts, I take Advil.  If I have a cold, I am very happy to completely knock myself out with NyQuil.  If I feel bloated, I take a GasX.  If I accidentally eat an almond, I take a Benadryl.  If I ran hard or had a great workout, I usually like to feel the pain of that for a day or two.  That is pain with a sense of accomplishment.  However, if I pulled a hamstring, I take Advil.  

I am so happy to live today when we have so many health options.  I love that we have antibiotics,  and medicines to help fight different chronic diseases, not to mention I could just kiss whoever created the epidural.   However, I feel like we still need some medical advancements.

Two weeks ago I got a sinus infection.  Usually, I would dope myself up on NyQuil and Tylenol Cold for a few days and then head into the Dr. to get an antibiotic.  Well,  guess what you can take when you are pregnant?  Pretty much nothing.  At least nothing that does any good.  I called my OB and he basically told me to buck up and just try to live through it.  I've never been so miserable.   I always think of 200 years ago when they just had to live through their colds, but that is why I was born now.  I am a wimp. Don't you think that by now someone could invent some medications for pregnancy that are perfectly safe for the baby? Does the medical field not have enough funding?  Because I would be happy to sponsor a few bake sales to do the trick. 

And while they are developing safer medications for pregnancy, can't they think of a better way to have a baby besides the "natural way"?  With all of the medical advancements made in the last hundred years, shouldn't they be able to transport/teleport/apparate the baby out by now?  Just a suggestion.


  1. If you could teleport that baby in, could you teleport that baby out when it got fussy? Now that would be awesome!

  2. Do you know the genders yet?