Thursday, July 5, 2012

Four-Year-Old Scripture Stories

I love asking my kids what they learned about in primary and/or nursery on Sunday afternoon.  It's the highlight of my day to hear what they have to say.  

Recently, my husband asked my four-year-old what he learned about in Primary.  Their conversation carried out like this:

Husband:  What did you learn about in Primary today?
Four-Year-Old:  Um, we learned about the ten leopards?
Husband:  You mean the ten lepers?
FYO: Yeah, the ten leopards.
Husband:  Okay.  Tell me about the ten lepers.
FYO:  Well, there were ten of them and they were sick and had really dry skin and it was falling off.
Husband:  Okay, what did they do?
FYO:  They went to Jesus, and Jesus told them to go to the priest and then they walked away and got better.
Husband:  Good job, buddy.  Then what happened?
FYO:  Then one came back and said thank you to Jesus, but the other nine didn't.  We should be like the one, and not the nine. 

Some moments I'm confident I'm talking to a four-year-old and other moments I think I'm talking to my adult conscience.  Because a four-year-old would surely mistake the Lepers for Leopards, but it's my adult conscience that would tell me I should be like the one, and not the nine, right?  So, do I actually have a four-year-old conscience? If so,  this explains a lot about my maturity.  

Then, I asked my two-year-old what he learned about in Nursery.  His response:

Two-Year-Old:  Hearts.
Me:  Oh, that's good.  

At least "hearts" is a step up from the usual "snacks" response.  I'm already proud.  

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  1. Jack's Sunday answer to, "What did you learn about today?" is "Jesus". Every time. Nothing less, nothing more.